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Pest Resistant

Our product is treated with harmless household additives which repel insects and rodents. As a result, fitting our product is an effective form of pest control in your roof.

Flame Retardant

Our insulation is manufactured from recycled newspaper and treated with harmless additives to make it fire retardant and flame proof.


Our insulation product is manufactured using recycled newsprint in an eco-friendly process. We are also stamped with approval from the Green Building Council.

Sound Proofing

Cellulose fibre is a very effective soundproofing material as it is four times as dense as glass fibre and therefore has excellent acoustic values. Once installed, noise pollution from traffic and airplanes will be significantly reduced in the home.

Energy Saving

Our product will prevent the heat generated in the home from escaping upwards through the ceiling in winter and will keep 88% of summer heat out as well. Thereby reducing the usage of air conditioning and heaters.

Even Coverage

Cellulose fibre is loose-fill insulation and is blown onto your ceiling. As a result it gets into all the hard to reach nooks and crannies of your roof, providing a totally seamless blanket where no heat gains and losses can occur.


The Process

Step 1

Get an instant quotation on our website and we will contact you to arrange a date for and time for installation.

Step 2

Our professional team will inspect your ceiling and ensure that there is safe coverage of any down lights. From there, our experts will assess where to blow and install the insulation.

Step 3

Our team will then safely remove a tile from your roof in order to allow entry for our machinery through the top of your roof.

Step 4

The insulation material is blown evenly throughout the roof of your home using our machinery. The installation process takes a few hours, after which our team clean up and pack up.